Good Luck Is When Opportunity Meets Preparation


When I was still a young lad earning my education in high school, I once heard this quote from an MTV biographical segment of the late Brittany Murphy.  I’m sure that quote didn’t originate from her, but something about it resonated deeply into brain and has carried throughout my life until this present moment.  Having been very ambitious and driven, my life was spent in deep preparation for when it the right time to take the next step into entrepreneurship.

Now is the time for good luck as the opportunity to make this dream a reality is here.  Jeff and I have launched unifyrr, which is a full service digital firm which provides expertise and services for digital strategies, marketing, enterprise application development, high quality web development, creative design and branding.

unifyrr was born out of our passion for building beautiful and awesome digital “things.”  Those things can be web applications, social media plugins, native mobile apps, or just simple websites.   We focus on simple and elegant UI/UX as we strongly believe in an aesthetic look and feel, married with an intuitive user interaction, and supported by a strong engineering foundation.  Coupled with these core concepts is our commitment to the relationship with our clients.  Our belief in a strong partnership is emphasized in every milestone in the projects that we deliver.  We value your brand, and we value your success and growth and we want to ensure that your business stays far ahead of the curve.  We believe in putting out “good”, we receive “good”.  That is one of the core principles the company is founded on.  All these elements put together would be able to provide your business with a full end-to-end digital plan on how to market, strategize, and grow.

Moving into this next chapter of my life is a bold and adventurous move.  But for all the ambitious and driven individuals, this passion for success and adrenaline laced motivation is what fuels us.  Having been in the technology industry for well over a decade, I truly felt that the time is now to make this leap and fan the entrepreneurial flame that burns deep within me.  By the same token, it’s an opportunity for us to build a company culture of success, fun, and creativity as well as execute a strategy and vision that one can only do when starting from scratch.  We believe in ourselves and our capacity to do great things and we’d like to partner with you and create that winning team.


Michael Jordan


Discover what we can do to help the digital needs of your business, including web development and enterprise solutions.  Visit to learn more about our offerings.



Good Luck Is When Opportunity Meets Preparation
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