Is Emotion Marketings’ Secret Weapon?


Have you watched a commercial lately, received something in the mail, or read a digital ad/email that made you happy or possibly brought a tear to your eye? Will you remember the product/business? Maybe even buy it in the future? In this post I mention a few examples of different emotional messages. Each message very different and each emotional connection different but a memorable brand and positive view of them is constant.

A few months ago an amazing commercial was made for extra gum.

It received over 18 million views on YouTube. 18 million views for a gum commercial is crazy nuts. I can honestly tell you that the people weren’t watching for the gum. It was for the emotional love story. People cried when they watched it this love story. Both the story and Extra Gum forever left an impression in the minds of the audience. Does it translate into dollars; I’m not sure but in my opinion Extra Gum nailed it.

Keep in mind it’s not always a love story that can captivate your audience. Sometimes it’s perseverance or an amazing passion to be the best. Your audience becomes your cheerleader and the fuel to your growth/success. When I hear the name Kevin Plank I think of a man determined to be the best. It’s hard not to like and cheer for someone with such a passion to be #1. I saw Kevin Plank speak at the Inc Iconic Tour 2015 and his motivation came from his days in college football. It all started in 1995 when Kevin Plank, then the special teams captain on the University of Maryland football team, noticed that the cotton T-shirts he and his teammates wore underneath their pads were always soaked and heavy with sweat. “There has to be something better,” he thought. In 1999 Under Armour began its battle to become #1. 2016 is looking like the year that UA is going to beat out Nike for the top spot. Since 2005 I’ve been buying UA but recently I’ve switched to them for all of my athletic wear. So in the case of UA, the emotional story of how it was founded and Plank’s determination won me over.

Another good example is the Life is Good company. Their whole business is built on emotion. It starts with their founding story and continues through to the charity they founded to help kids in need. Life is Good donates 10% of its net profit to help kids in need. There message is extremely simple too; Life is Good. It’s tough to think otherwise when you see Jake (the character on the shirts), he’s always so happy looking and doing cool things. Again, here is another brand/company that has a really neat story ( cares about it’s customers, is vocal about caring, and built a lifestyle for its customers. Add me to the list of customers that buy this product to feel good. It’s like magic; you wear it and it changes your attitude.

Emotion can be expressed in many different ways; joy, tears, joyful tears, etc. You see; emotion makes people feel, think, and react. Most decisions in life are based on emotion so why would a purchase be any different. In 2016 more digital marketing, direct mail, commercials, and other marketing channels need to tell a brands/companies story. Marketers should forget the “sales” pitch and focus on the heart. If you do go this route make sure your story is truthful because if it isn’t and your consumer finds out that could be the end of your brand. I’ll leave you with a simple thought. Why are emoji’s so popular now a days if emotion isn’t the most important means of expression? Without emoji’s the digital world still struggles between serious vs sarcastic or plain and simple – the tone of an email or text. Think about it and then tell your story!

I wish everyone success in 2016 and may digital marketing continue to lead the way!

Is Emotion Marketings’ Secret Weapon?
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