Stick to the plan and relax

have another glass

So you have a business and some type of product or service. I assume you are marketing your product or service and I also assume you want to increase sales, increase revenue, increase gross margin, and make more money. Am I correct? Ok, so you come up with some silly ideas for video(s) and then you film them on your iPhone. What’s your goal here? You’re trying to make something that goes viral so your business will be transformed overnight.

Please stop and come up with a real strategy and then stick to it. Viral messaging and/or videos in 99.9% of all cases aren’t planned; they just happen and you have little control over what becomes viral. Here’s the definition of viral videos for those who are interested and here’s and example, the evolution of dance.

I’m not sure Judson Laipply, in the video above, planned to have 295,496,537 views and over 1.1 million likes but that’s what he got. Now a couple things here (these are opinion not fact because I don’t know the answer quite honestly), I would imagine that Judson is now know for this and not necessarily for his motivational speaking. So if this were the case his brand is now based around the evolution of dance and this entertaining video.

The question any company or brand should ask when attempting something like this is; will this recognition help my brand to be known for what it is or are we simply just entertaining people? Entertaining is good but if your product doesn’t connect with your base and potential customers then you just have a viral video, nothing more. Let me give an example.

Mt. TWhen I hear evolution of dance I think of this guy above and when I hear motivational speaker I think of Magic Johnson, Mr. T, and Tony Robbins. My point is your viral video or message doesn’t always translate the way it should for your business. The best advice I canMagic Johnson give to you is to create a digital and non-digital marketing strategy and stick to it. Stay with it through the ups and downs, make slight adjustments along the way, know your customer base, and speak directly to them. In previous posts we have talked about emotion and ways to engage with your customers. I reiterate that here. Make sure you know your demographics, and everything about them so your message is focused and concise. Don’t plan and or expect overnight success, it’s not reality.

Our firm strongly recommends you find a digital marketing firm that takes the time to brainstorm with you to develop a multi-channel marketing strategy. Make sure the strategy is measurable and make sure you meet with them regularly to go over the successes and failures of the strategy. Don’t be afraid to tweak along the way but don’t give up on the strategy until you’ve given it some time to work.

Always remember this analogy – organic growth takes longer and sometime yields less but it doesn’t have any chemicals which give you a better chance at a healthier life. “Viral” or otherwise non-organic growth uses chemicals to speed up the rate at which something matures and it also can increase the yield. That all sounds good but many people link those chemicals to bad things that are occurring inside our bodies and shortening our lives.

So I ask you, what type of growth are you looking for when it comes to your business?

Organic with long term relationships and loyalty or wham bam thank you mam, next?

I saw, have another glass of wine, relax, follow your digital marketing strategy, and let the organic growth continue.


Stick to the plan and relax

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