5 Reasons Why Social Media Matters For Your Business


Post.  Share.  Tweet.  Snap.  Pin.

These verbs should all be added to the dictionary as they have become ingrained in our daily lives and interactions as we constantly check and interact with our networks via social media.  Despite the thought that some think social media is waste of precious time, it’s more important for your business to be more active in social media.

C'mon, let's get social!
C’mon, let’s get social!

With over 2 billion active users on various social media networks globally, its more important now than ever.  Here are 5 reasons why your business should use it:

1.  Engagement, Engagement, Engagement – It’s A Two Way Line Between You and Your Audience

It's a two way street.
It’s a two way street.

Long gone are the days where phone calls, and even emails, were the only ways to communicate between businesses and their users.  Unfortunately in our society today, users demand quick and responsive attention to their questions, comments, and issues.  On the other end of the spectrum, as a business you need immediate feedback from your audience on how to improve your services and offerings.  With social networks like Facebook and Twitter, this is not only possible, but perhaps the sole driving reason as to why these networks work for business.  With the majority of users today actively using social media through their mobile device, notification services further reinforce this immediate level of engagement.

2.  Industry Specific Groups Exists Within Social Media Networks

Find what finds...and get in there.
Find what finds…and get in there.

Many of the top social networks have functionality that allow you to create groups or lists within them.  Typically, users who create these groups have them focus around a specific subject matter.  Therefore, it’s also important to find which groups YOUR users spend their time online and engage with them there.  By spending the time to find these social media groups, you’ve effectively increased the value of your services by marketing to a specific audience that needs it…how brilliantly simple.

3.  Increases Your Page Ranking on Google…In Other Words, SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the more common, but critical, elements to having an online presence to your business.  Essentially, SEO are things you can effectively do to drive more users and engagement back to your website through boosting the search ranking on Google (as well as other search engines) for specific keywords pertaining to your business.  By promoting relative content and information on social media, you are physically creating specific and direct back links to your website, which Google will be able to index and process through their ranking algorithms.  In addition, a combination of quality content and a large quantity of social media followers can exponentially increase these back links as active users will share content they love and find useful.

4.  It’s The Place To Be To Connect With Other Experts

Get to know these kinds of people.
Get to know these kinds of people.

Talking with your direct audience isn’t the only communication benefit powered by social media.  There are tons of other experts and influencers that are actively engaged on social media and it to your benefit to engage with them.  By reaching out to them and engaging in meaningful discussions, you can gather effective insight on industry specific topics, or just learn more to expand your own personal knowledge base.  Additionally, you might be also able to provide information from which other like minded individuals can learn from and effectively build strong relationships, from which referrals may sprout from.  Remember, part of being active on social media is to expand your personal and professional networks, and having other experts vouch for you will boost your credibility and ratings.

5.  Umm…It’s Free

There isn’t much to explain here as to why this makes sense, but what’s better than no cost at all?  Almost all of the more popular social networks are free to use, so there should be NO reason for you not to use it for your business.  In fact, if you are just starting a business and have little to no marketing budget, signing up and actively using social media should be your number one priority.

Let us know what you think in the comments box below, or as always, just drop a line if you just like pink unicorns.

5 Reasons Why Social Media Matters For Your Business
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