Top 3 SEO Budget Friendly Tips For Your Website in 2016


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, did it make a sound?  Similarly, if a website is built and no one is around to see it, does is actually exist?  

Please don't be this tree.
Please don’t be this tree.

SEO is the answer!

Of course it does, but truly what good is your website if there is no easy way for users to find it.  More than likely, you’ve heard the all powerful term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of which you know is the breath that gives life to your online presence.

For those businesses that have a larger marketing budget, we do recommend building a highly strategic SEO plan to get your website higher in the rankings for specific keywords.  However, for those that are on a tighter budget, here are three tips that can cost you little to no money:

1.  Share Your Knowledge, Write Good Content, And Blog!

One of the obvious ways that Google’s Page Ranking algorithm indexes and decides how strong the keyword presence and relevance in your website is by analyzing the content on your website.  Write intelligent, helpful, and high value content on your website.  A great way to do this would be to write a periodic blog around specific topics you would like to discuss.  Be creative in your delivery as subject matter experts to attract an audience who might comment and share your blog content, effectively boosting your website contextual relevance.

You can easily start a blog using a powerful CMS such as WordPress.  If you are already have your own host, you can download WordPress for free and get up and running in as little as 10 minutes.  Alternatively, they have hosted versions of the CMS that have a low cost monthly fee.

2.  Learn The Power of YouTube!

The power video is in your hands...literally.
The power video is in your hands…literally.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and it would be in your best interest to leverage it’s capabilities.   Since we are living in a media driven society with videos on the forefront, make an effort create fun and engaging video content on your website using YouTube as the platform.  If you have a smartphone, such as Android or iPhone (which I am sure you do), you have a powerful and handy video camera at your disposal.  Download a free or low cost app if you would like to make some edits on your videos and easily upload them to YouTube straight from your device.  Again, be creative and be fun!  Make short and snappy educational or marketing videos that you can include in your website.  And remember, YouTube is free!

3.  I Know It’s Get’s Repetitive, But Be Active On Social Media!

Pick your pop!
Pick your pop!

Social media is a no brainer when it comes to SEO so make sure you stay active and engaging with your audience.  Share the content you write on your website.  Share the videos you create on YouTube.  Keep your audience updated with the latest news and activities that are going on with your business.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. are all free and are at your disposal.  Also keep in mind that creating social media activity on the web also boosts your relevance and ranking on the web, effectively getting more users to return back to your website and generate more traffic.

The best part of these tools is the cost – ABSOLUTELY FREE!  So you have no excuse not to get SEO rolling on your website today!

Drop us a comment if any of these tips have proven effective for you and your business!  Or drop us a link to your blog or video and we’ll give it a share as well!

Top 3 SEO Budget Friendly Tips For Your Website in 2016
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