Top 5 Tips to Lower Stress and Succeed in Meetings


Whether it’s a cold call, a warm lead, a referral, or even a family member/friend preparation for a meeting should always be the same. When should you begin to prepare and how long should it take; you might ask? I’m going to give you a bunch of tips and even tricks to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed. I’m not going to guarantee victory but at least you’ll know it wasn’t because of the following.

Tips and Tricks to Lower Stress

Tip 1: Understand your prospect’s business before you meet

Don’t wait until the last minute. They will know! When you secure the meeting start investigating deeper. Look at their history, understand what they do, check out the management, and come up with some really smart questions but keep them simple. Remember you want them to do most of the talking in your meeting. You need to listen.

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Tip 2: Your appearance

This tip has multiple sub-tips that’s why I said a bunch above. There are also some tricks in this section too.

  • Get a haircut if you’re looking “unclean” but don’t do it the day before, maybe 3 days before if the time lends itself. A fresh cut is good but the prospect may get distracted by it so after 3 days your hair is “normal” but cleaned up.
  • Shave or trim your facial hair. If your are going for the clean shaven look do it the night before in case you cut yourself. You’ll need some time to heal. Again the cut could be a distraction to the prospect and everything important you have to say might be missed.
  • What you wear makes a difference. Figure out their dress code if you can and try to keep it within their world. Digital Marketing Firms such as mine can get away with jeans. So, just be smart about your outfit.
  • Pick out your clothes 2 days or 3 days before just incase they’re dirty or your favorite shirt needs to be dry cleaned.
  • Don’t smoke a cigarette right before your meeting. You’ll smell and your breath will smell. If for some reason you can’t resist one don’t spray yourself with a ton of cologne or perfume because well, that can sometimes be even worse. Not to mention distracting.
  • If you’re wearing dress shoes that can be buffed up a little or shinned, DO IT! There are still people out there that will look at your shoes and yes, they will judge you.
  • Don’t eat onions or something with a ton of garlic. That also can be distracting. I suggest carrying mints or mouthwash, or gum. Freshen up before every meeting and networking event. Heck every time you meet up with someone.
  • Check your teeth! Man that’s the worst. I use my iPhone and flip the camera around to the “selfie” mode so I can check out my smile. Trust me that’s what many people will remember from the meeting. A giant piece of spinach wedged between two teeth. I bet they wouldn’t even tell you. Definitely check your teeth 🙂
  • If you wear a tie make sure the knot looks good and is straight. If it isn’t you’re probably better off without it.
  • Wear a white v-neck undershirt if you’re going to open the top button of your dress shirt. It’s kind of an unwritten rule.
  • No colored undershirts or tank tops

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Tip 3: Pitch man or Business Partner

If you are in a meeting with someone else make sure the both of you take the time, together, to collaborate on the strategy of the meeting and the understanding of the prospects business. Oh and share Tip 2 with them. They’ll need it too.

Tip 4: Do you know the same people?

Research to find out if there are any commonalities. Use social media to see if you and the prospect are connected to the same people. This could be beneficial in the meeting. Be creative when trying to make any connection. You don’t want him/her to know you stalked their social media pages.

Tip 5: Business Cards

Don’t forget your business cards. You might not have to give them out but if you don’t have them that probably isn’t good.

Good luck out there and follow these tips. Use these tips as a checklist, I bet you’ll be less stressed going to your meeting.


Top 5 Tips to Lower Stress and Succeed in Meetings
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