Top 3 Reasons Why Elegant Engineering Matters For Your Application

Elegant engineering

When it comes to developing and building an app, aspects of the user experience and the user interface are incredibly important as your audience interaction with your app will be the sticking point on whether they will continue to use it or not.  However, despite it not being immediately transparent to your users, employing elegant engineering techniques and well designed backend will ensure major success for your app.  Here are the top 3 reasons why:

Lesson time kids!  Elegant Engineering 101 is in session!

1.  Enhanced User Experience

You want smiles all the time!
You want smiles all the time!

When people hear or read user experience, they usually associate it with the visual design of an application, and rightfully so.  A well thought design that allows users to easily and insightfully navigate from one function to another is the key to a strong user experience.  However, it’s easy to overlook that a poorly engineered backend can be a major obstacle from the user experience working properly.

Imagine a page or panel in your application that loads extremely slowly, or one that doesn’t load at all since its marred with errors.  Having a elegantly designed code that drives your front-end will make sure that pages load fast and without any errors.  Remember, the goal is ensure that the user has the best experience which means that nothing should give them reason to stop using your application.

2.  Rapid Product Updates

Make sure your code doesn't look like this!
Make sure your code doesn’t look like this!

Statistics show that users are more willing to keep using an application when it is constantly being updated with new features and fixes.  By having an organized backend code structure, you should be able to ship out new updates are a more frequent pace.  Elegant and organized code should be akin to a well documented and organized pantry – it’s easy to find where things belong, as well as simple to rearrange your shelving to accommodate new and different items.

On the other end of the spectrum, having poor code (or spaghetti code for you engineers who are reading this at the moment) will guarantee major delays in releasing updates.  It’s no good to you and your users if it takes your engineering team days or weeks just to understand the logic behind your app due to poorly designed code.  That time spent could mean that your users have already moved on to other alternatives…and you definitely don’t want that.

3.  Scalability

Don't be in this situation...cause you can crash at anytime.
Don’t be in this situation…cause you can crash at anytime.

Scalability is one of those buzzwords you hear thrown at technical conferences and meetings from time to time, and it’s one of the most important factors to monitor as you develop and evolve your application.  As your user base grows, the engagement to your app scales accordingly.  Referring back to our first point, a poorly engineered backend will start to create bottlenecks as more concurrent users start to get on your platform.

Elegant engineering principles to ensure scalability for the future include caching and hosting considerations.  Should you go for a dedicated server or perhaps a cloud based solution?  How often do you want to hit the database to ensure proper function while maintaining real-time responses?  Are there pages or panels in your application that you can cache since the content rarely changes?  These are things to think about in the early stages of your development to make sure that as your application scales there is no downtime for your users and that their ability to use your application is not hindered in anyway possible.

You will be guaranteed success by keeping these thoughts as you build and engineer your next application.  If you are looking for a partner in elegantly engineering your product, please don’t hesitate to reach to us!

Top 3 Reasons Why Elegant Engineering Matters For Your Application
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