I’ll Let You In On A Little Secret!


I have been pretty successful in my young career but it didn’t really happen until…

You got it; that’s the secret! It’s also made my garden happier and production has been amazing ever since (organically of course)!

protect your crop
Protect your crop after you plant it (May 15th, 2016 – frost warning)

The secret is to be nurturing. It will help you go places, get you closer to financial independence, close more deals, set you apart from your competition, reduce arguments at home, and produce a better crop in your garden. It’s like the fountain of youth but real!

Love this show
Love this show

For many years I was out on the road selling. I’d get contacts, meetings, more meetings, returned phone calls, and more meetings but I found I wasn’t getting the most important thing. Yup you got it: Closed Business! When I was approaching the big 30 I was in need of some change and it found me, believe it or not, right when I needed it the most. The truth is the “secret” has been around all of us at one or many points of our lives. “How do you nurture in business development?”, some might ask. It’s actually kind of simple but I guess that’s why it’s a secret. See people think too much and over analyze everything, myself included until I was gifted the secret sauce of sales.

Here are some tips that will help you succeed and unlock the secret for yourself.

  • Ask someone for a referral today but ask them if they would be comfortable doing it.
    • example: Charles, “I saw you were connected to Simon on LinkedIn and I was wondering if you’d be comfortable introducing me to him?”
  •  When your not sure if you have the only decision maker ask this question.
    • Hi Tom, aside from yourself who else will be on the decision making team?
  • When looking for budget go for the ballpark; it’s more nurturing.
    • Mary, if I said the cost for this project is between x and y would that fit your budget for this project?
  • When you’re prospecting
    • Explain to your contact that you’re aware that there might not be a fit but there is a chance that there could be a fit and you’d love the opportunity to meet with them to determine that and that either way you’re ok.
  • Always be genuine.
Unlock the secret
Unlock the secret
I’ll Let You In On A Little Secret!

One thought on “I’ll Let You In On A Little Secret!

  • May 31, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    I’m retired, so I no longer need to utilize this in a business atmosphere, but great overall life lessons. Interesting stuff. Love the alternate suggestions on different approaches. You are too smart! Glad I met you!!!


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