Why Snapchat Is All About Digital Marketing in 2016


Once upon a time not to long ago, Snapchat was known as a “private” platform where “private” pictures can be shared without leaving any evidence. This was easily accomplished due to the expiration date attached to any digital media transmitted through the social network.

Flash forward to 2016 and its this same attribute that is bringing Snapchat mainstream success in the digital marketing world. What was once regarded as sort of sleazy and secretive is now heralded as a unique feature that brings exclusivity to content. Here are reasons why this social network is driving consumer success in todays marketing landscape.


It’s Is All About The Now

The core essence of what Snapchat is all about lies in the fleeting nature of its shared content. Photos and videos shared to other individuals can be viewed once before it’s vaporized into the digital afterlife where no repeat viewings are allowed. “Stories”, a feature of the app that ties a collection of snaps in chronological order, is accessible for only 24 hours. It’s the intrinsic nature of temporality that pushes a need for content to be viewed in real-time, or else be left out forever.

It’s Is All About The Engagement

With 8 billion videos being viewed per day, Snapchat’s one of the leaders in active engagement per user among social network powerhouses. It’s this focus of real-time that is compelling for both marketers and the consuming audience. For marketers, there is a driving need to be more creative and compelling as your window of engagement is extremely limited. Digital marketing content needs to be delivered and executed in a fashion where capturing real-time attention is the priority. For consumers, it requires engagement to be constant in order to stay up to date. It seems to be the holy grail in marketing engagement as it requires both ends to deliver and consume or else no one wins.

Per user engagement, Snapchat blows Facebook out of the water.
Per active user engagement, we see who the clear winner is.

It’s Is All About Authenticity and Genuineness

Snapchats, or Snaps for short, are meant to capture a spur-of-the-moment events. Therefore this produces content that is quite often unpolished yet personal. This brings a dimension of the human element that captures rough authenticity. Because marketers need to be quick in capturing and delivering real-time events, there is no time left to polish and refine the content. What you see is raw and fairly unadulterated, which is embraced by millennials, the majority of the Snapchat’s 100 million users.

Proven marketing strategies often are large scale and perfectly polished. Ironically, this is the exact opposite of what Snapchat delivers. But Snapchat can be used in conjunction with these large scale campaigns to speak to its audience on a personal level that the top-level layer cannot achieve.

It’s Is All About The Creativity

The master at Snapchat marketing!
The master at Snapchat marketing!

With it’s drawing tools, geo-filters, and all other fun features, Snapchat promotes users to get creative with their stories. With only ten seconds of video per Snap, users need to be creative to make engaging stories. It’s also with these tools that Snapchat now have their own brand of celebrities that amass tons of followers. Shaun McBride, better know as Shonduras, is one of the first Snapchat celebrities that have effectively used Snapchat’s artistic tools to where brands are now putting their marketing dollars into his hands. Companies like Disney and Taco Bell have worked out six-figure deals with McBride to create branded content that speaks effectively to Snapchat’s core user base.

Based on it’s current trajectory, Snapchat looks to grow and become a crucial element in any marketing campaign. It will continue to evolve as its users find more ways to create and share stories each day. With a smaller marketing budget, Snapchat might be a low-cost but high value solution to your brand’s marketing needs.

Why Snapchat Is All About Digital Marketing in 2016
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