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People always seem to be grateful for an “Opportunity” but after some deep thinking and personal reflection I don’t think people really value themselves the way they should. Most of us say, “Thank you for the opportunity” “This is such a great opportunity” “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity” and the quotes go on. Most of us also believe in our heads that someone has given us an “opportunity”. So, you’re right they have but that’s all face value. Look deeper and retrace your steps; YOU’RE why you have opportunities.


All of my life my parents held me accountable and made me work hard. Whether it was in the yard, in school, sports, and any job I had (no matter how easy or hard). For that reason I have a little different take on things now. I’m curious what your thoughts are?

good luck

“Opportunity” is really when preparation, hard work, and luck intersect (referred to as PHL moving forward). You see for me 14 Henderson happened because of PHL. When I was in High School I had a job after school. I worked minimal hours and got paid like crap. Maybe I made $200 a month. I didn’t have any expenses at the time so it was all spending money (I should have saved it but that’s a totally different post for another time). Little did I know is the job was teaching me skills and preparing me for future. Be on time, Be present, Listen to direction, Make decisions, and take care of others that need you. The next job was in manufacturing, followed by retail, followed by a corporate sales position, sprinkled in some construction work with a family friend while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do, and that brings us to 14 Henderson.

A colleague from a previous job took over one of my accounts when I quit and continued to build on the relationship I established. According to my colleague, who I spoke with every now and again, the buyer, Mark, always asked about me and said, anytime I want a job to call him. I had no interest for months maybe even a year. I was still living at home so my expenses were minimal but eventually I wanted to leave :). I reached out to my colleague and he said Mark always saved a spot for me. So Mark had some pull to get me the interview and maybe influence a little bit but he wasn’t making the final decision. One of the owners was. Sure, Jeff gave me an “opportunity” but my PHL is what got me the job. A few months into the job I met @charlesjamerlan – the freakin guy is brilliant and we hit it off. Many days we went to Dunkin Donuts at lunch and talked about future goals and aspirations. We figured that one day we would have our own company. We learned each day, worked our asses off, and I personally got lucky in some respects.opportunity

14 Henderson is where I learned a lot, about myself, about other people, and about business. I’m still learning today as I work to grow unifyrr with @charlesjamerlan and disrupt the industries status quo established by older digital marketing agencies.

Prepare everyday, work hard at everything you do, and accept it when you’re lucky because there is nothing wrong with being lucky.


14 Henderson Drive, NJ

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